What Is Debt Negotiation?

Debt Negotiation is designed to help struggling consumers reduce unsecured debt.

This is not credit counseling or debt management. It is not intended for those consumers who are able to manage their money or pay their bills on time and is considered to be the first step in seeking debt relief. Debt Negotiation is often times considered the most aggressive approach to resolving your unsecured debt issues without having to file for Bankruptcy. Many consumers find themselves searching for Debt Relief options including Debt settlement  due to unforeseen circumstances that have caused some sort of financial hardship.

Why a Debt Negotiation?

For many, Debt Negotiation is the best option and the only option that seems viable to accomplish your goals of becoming debt free. Debt Negotiation on both the creditor side as well as the consumer side is a business transaction that doesn’t usually happen immediately. Upon speaking to creditors, most are eager to receive as much money in the shortest amount of time possible without taking into regard your personal financial state. It doesn’t matter if you are providing the last few dollars to put food on the table. Effective Legal Debt Solution's Debt Negotiation program will take into consideration everything in your life including your budget, your creditors and your financial goals and in turn will create a realistic, budget friendly plan that will be executed and followed until we reach our collective, ultimate goal of becoming debt free.

How Does Debt Negotiation Work?

If you are deep in debt, you are probably looking for some form of debt counseling or debt relief. A well planned debt negotiation program can be of great help in taking strides towards financial freedom.

There are many benefits that come with a debt negotiation strategy. Debt Negotiation (more frequently known as Debt Settlement) will help you by potentially negotiating and lowering unsecured debts that you may enroll in the program.

The Debt Negotiation process is really quite simple. With our Debt Negotiation Program, you will make a monthly payment that fits within your budget and each month. Each month, your savings balance will grow and as the savings amount grows to a critical number, the amount you saved will be applied towards a settlement with your creditors that is skillfully negotiated by our team of negotiators. Once a settlement is reached and agreed upon, the process will be duplicated until you have completed the program and resolved your enrolled accounts.

Effective Legal Debt Solution's Debt Negotiation Program can assist consumers who want to explore all options to avoid filing Bankruptcy. With Debt Negotiation, you are not obtaining a high interest loan that needs to be paid back or borrowing money against your home or 401k. Debt Negotiation is a simple and cost effective approach to helping consumers reach their goal of becoming debt free.
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Financial Hardship

For Debt Negotiation to be effective, consumers must have experienced or are currently experiencing some form of hardship. Due to the economy, millions of consumers across the nation are dealing with their own personal hardships. Examples of personal hardship being job loss, income reduction, medical expenses, overextension of finances, illness and death. These are frequent hardships that we see from clients who wish to enroll in the Debt Negotiation program.

Creditor Contact

Receiving creditor calls are part of any Debt Negotiation program. Creditors and collection agencies have a long list of state and federal laws including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) they have to adhere to and some do, some do not. The FDCPA protects you from receiving harassing, threatening or illegal calls from collection agencies. Creditors do have the right to contact you as they are attempting to collect on the debt you owe. Our team may be able to help alleviate some calls however you can expect to receive periodic calls as part of the creditor’s standard collection process. Effective Legal Debt Solutions can provide you with literature which outlines your rights under the FDCPA as well as provide you with suggestions on how to handle calls.

Is Debt Negotiation Right For Me?

You may be asking yourself, is Debt Negotiation right for me? Am I in need of a Debt Relief program or bankruptcy ? If you find yourself dealing with the scenarios below, Debt Relief may be a good fit for you. Many consumers use this avenue to alleviate their unsecured debt issues. Debt Negotiation has a high ceiling when it comes to potential benefits; however, there are there are some risks which we will make you aware of. It comes down to a simple formula of risk vs reward. Most clients feel the potential reward is well worth the risk but with that said, Debt Negotiation is not right for everyone. Call Effective Legal Debt Solutions today to discuss how our Debt Negotiation program works and how it can help you become debt free.

  • Living paycheck to paycheck paying minimum unsecured debt payments.
  • Borrowing money to pay your unsecured debt payments.
  • Experiencing a loss of income due to unemployment or loss of wages.
  • Experiencing medical conditions with mounting costs.
  • Mismanaged finances that have grown out of control.


If you find yourself struggling with debt, you deserve to know what debt relief options are available to you and your family. Contact Effective Legal Debt Solutions today to receive a free consultation and find out what Debt Relief options may benefit you. Call
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