how to pay off debt fast

5 Effective Tips to Help You Pay Off Debt Fast


Are you dealing with a large amount of debt in your life? If you are, then you might feel like you are never going to pay off what you owe and will be encumbered by it forever. The good news is there are ways to pay off debt fast. Follow these five simple tips to get started. 1. Stop Making the Minimum Payments If you’ve ever paid attention to your credit card bill, then you’ve

how to go about negotiating credit card debt

5 Myths About Negotiating Credit Card Debt


The average American household owes about $16,000 in credit cards, so it’s no surprise if you have credit card debt you want to get it settled. However, when it comes to negotiating credit card debt, people can be led astray by false information or preconceived myths that ultimately hurt them more in the long run. To help you avoid making mistakes from bad information, here is a list of five myths about credit card debt

getting rid of medical debt for good

Top Tips for Getting Rid of Medical Debt


Did you know 25 percent of America’s adult population cannot afford to pay their medical bills? When someone is unable to pay their medical bills on time, those bills are often sent to collections, resulting in lower credit scores and legal complications that impact you for years to come. Medical bills and debt can make you worry more when you should be focusing on your health. Limit your stress by learning a few tips for

get started with debt settlement

Get Started Eliminating Your Debt Today


Is your debt out of control? You’re not alone. The average credit card debt for households in 2017 was nearly $17,000! If you’re like many who have found themselves overwhelmed by what they owe, you most likely don’t have a plan to conquer your long-standing debt. The thought of dealing with creditors and negotiating a feasible repayment plan is stressful. So stressful that you’re paralyzed by fear and procrastination. The fact of the matter is

credit card debt during a divorce

5 Ways to Address Credit Card Debt During Your Divorce


While many possessions and issues can be addressed during the divorce process, credit card debt is typically not easily dealt with by the parties involved. If your former spouse does not follow through on making their agreed upon payment, you may find yourself responsible for paying it regardless of what your divorce agreement stipulates. Joint credit cards can be a source of headache for you and your former spouse since either individual can run up

statute of limitations for debts in Florida

What You Need to Know About Statute of Limitations for Debts in Florida


Throughout the United States, the statute of limitations laws limits the amount of time one has to collect a debt from a consumer. This is a timeframe determining the length of time that a creditor can take legal action. For a creditor, knowing how long they have to use the court system to force you to pay a debt can make them aggressively pursue outstanding debts. The court does not track that statute of limitations.

receiving a debt collection letter

5 Important Debt Collection Facts You Should Know


You struggle to pay your bills and you hope this paycheck will be enough. Then you see something in your mail that makes your heart sink: an aggressive debt collection letter demanding immediate payment. How will you pay? Do you have to declare bankruptcy? Will your house and possessions be repossessed? If you’ve received a letter like this, don’t panic. You have options and rights. Don’t let debt harassment rush you into making a poor

the cost of credit card debt

The Real Costs of Your Credit Card Debt


Credit card debt is one of the most common forms of unsecured debt. Many American families have some credit card debt with balances that they carry over from month to month. Yet, this debt may be costing you more than you realize. Read on to learn about what having credit card debt can mean for your financial health. A Costly Form of Debt Nearly half of Americans carry some form of credit card debt, with

understanding the difference between secured and unsecured debt

Understanding the Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Debt


In today’s world, debt is often used to make a variety of purchases, from houses and cars to vacations. It can also be used to fund medical procedures or your education at a college or university. However, the difference between the types of debt you take on can make a difference in the fees and the amount of interest that you pay. Here is an introduction to secured and unsecured debt and how they can

benefits of a debt settlement program

Can You Benefit from a Debt Settlement Program?


Debt is an ongoing issue for many American families. Among U.S households who currently have credit card debt, the average credit debt is nearly $16,000. That large amount of debt may be overwhelming for many families, leaving them feeling frustrated and embarrassed to admit they are in over their head financially. Are you feeling weighed down by your credit card debt and struggling with late payments? The key to getting out of debt is to