Florida statute of limitations debt

5 Key Facts to Know About Florida’s Statute of Limitations on Debt


Are you dealing with financial debt in your life? If so, you are not alone. There was more than $830 billion of outstanding credit card debt in the United States at the end of 2017! Whether you have gotten caught up buying a lot of extra stuff or have fallen on hard times in your profession, being in debt can be stressful. Did you know that there are statutes of limitations on how long a debt

the statute of limitations on debts in California

What is the Statute of Limitations on Debts in California?


Are you struggling with debt? If you have any outstanding credit card or personal loan debt, you should take steps to settle it sooner rather than later. And if you are living in the state of California, there are certain time limits you have to look out for. Keep reading to learn more about the statute of limitations on debts in California. The Statute of Limitations on Debt Explained Each state has its limit on

Buried in Debt

Buried in Debt: The Top 7 Reasons Why Normal People Stay in Debt


Being in debt is an unnecessary cause of stress. American household credit card debt is currently reaching $420.22 billion. These numbers are a sign that people are relying too heavily on credit for day-to-day expenses. Is this a sign that the country is headed for trouble? It is hard to say, but it is a sign that Americans have a personal debt problem. As interest rate climb higher, borrowers will have a harder time paying

debt relief strategies

5 Debt Relief Strategies You Have Probably Never Heard of


As of 2018, consumer debt in America totals up to about $4 trillion. If you have a large debt looming over you, you are definitely not the only one. Living debt-free makes your life much less stressful. You will no longer have to carefully calculate your expenses or penny-pinch when you are out shopping. Maybe you have tried all of the typical debt relief strategies to no avail. That is why we are here to

become debt free

Get a Head Start on Your New Years Resolution to Become Debt Free


The average American household is $137,063 in debt. Rent, utilities, student loans, groceries, and medical care can add up. If you are ready for a New Year, New You, consider ‘Become Debt Free’ a resolution in 2019. With the following tips, you can get a head start and eliminate your debt! Cut Out Spending One of the first steps you can take if you want to eliminate debt fast is to cut out any unnecessary

fair debt collection practices act information

Know Your Rights Under The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act


While debt is a part of many people’s lives, it should not be a source of undue stress or harassment. The illicit and unethical practices of some debt collectors across the United States are well-documented and have received significant media attention in recent years. Fortunately, with the passing of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, serious steps are being taken to clamp down on how collectors try to retrieve debt. If you are in debt

debt relief for loved ones

How to Approach a Loved One Who Needs Debt Relief


Watching a loved one struggle with their finances can be hard. Bringing up the subject or offering assistance can seem equally hard. Do not let those you care for suffer for too long. Read on to find out how to talk to your loved ones about getting debt relief before it is too late. Realize that Helping is Enabling When it comes to debt relief, you cannot just throw money at it. Most likely, your

unsecured debt for debt negotiation

What are Examples of Unsecured Debt that Qualify for Debt Negotiation?


Secured debts are those attached to a property, such as loans you took out for a car, a house, or equipment for business. These loans are all secured because a bank can take your property to recover their losses. Not all debt comes with physical property. This type of debt (unsecured) often features higher interest rates and less favorable terms for the borrower. This debt can often overtake your finance and quickly put you in

dangers of debt that are ongoing

The Dangers of Ongoing Debt


Many of us have been there. Drowning in debt that does not go away. You keep making your payments but it overwhelms you. In those moments, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel or a time when you are not in debt. It might seem impossible to pay it off. That is not true. Using debt solutions is the best way to prevent any damage from the long-term

when you need debt negotiation

What is the Difference Between Debt Negotiation and Credit Counseling?


Americans’ collective debt hit an all-time high in 2017. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Americans’ debt now totals $13 trillion. That is $280 billion more than the record that was set during the 2008 financial crisis. If Americans want to shake off this debt, they are going to have to start looking into debt relief solutions. Two such solutions are debt negotiation and credit counseling. What is the difference between these