credit card debt during a divorce

5 Ways to Address Credit Card Debt During Your Divorce

May 21
While many possessions and issues can be addressed during the divorce process, credit card debt is typically not easily dealt with by the parties involved. If your former spouse does not follow through on making their agreed upon payment, you may find yourself responsible for paying it regardless of what your divorce agreement stipulates. Joint credit cards can be a source of headache for you and your former spouse since either individual can run up
statute of limitations for debts in Florida

What You Need to Know About Statute of Limitations for Debts in Florida

May 07
Throughout the United States, the statute of limitations laws limits the amount of time one has to collect a debt from a consumer. This is a timeframe determining the length of time that a creditor can take legal action. For a creditor, knowing how long they have to use the court system to force you to pay a debt can make them aggressively pursue outstanding debts. The court does not track that statute of limitations.
receiving a debt collection letter

5 Important Debt Collection Facts You Should Know

Apr 16
You struggle to pay your bills and you hope this paycheck will be enough. Then you see something in your mail that makes your heart sink: an aggressive debt collection letter demanding immediate payment. How will you pay? Do you have to declare bankruptcy? Will your house and possessions be repossessed? If you’ve received a letter like this, don’t panic. You have options and rights. Don’t let debt harassment rush you into making a poor
the cost of credit card debt

The Real Costs of Your Credit Card Debt

Apr 02
Credit card debt is one of the most common forms of unsecured debt. Many American families have some credit card debt with balances that they carry over from month to month. Yet, this debt may be costing you more than you realize. Read on to learn about what having credit card debt can mean for your financial health. A Costly Form of Debt Nearly half of Americans carry some form of credit card debt, with
understanding the difference between secured and unsecured debt

Understanding the Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Debt

Mar 19
In today’s world, debt is often used to make a variety of purchases, from houses and cars to vacations. It can also be used to fund medical procedures or your education at a college or university. However, the difference between the types of debt you take on can make a difference in the fees and the amount of interest that you pay. Here is an introduction to secured and unsecured debt and how they can
benefits of a debt settlement program

Can You Benefit from a Debt Settlement Program?

Mar 08
Debt is an ongoing issue for many American families. Among U.S households who currently have credit card debt, the average credit debt is nearly $16,000. That large amount of debt may be overwhelming for many families, leaving them feeling frustrated and embarrassed to admit they are in over their head financially. Are you feeling weighed down by your credit card debt and struggling with late payments? The key to getting out of debt is to
effective debt settlement assistance

Why a Debt Settlement Program is an Effective Alternative to Bankruptcy

Feb 19
For those who are dealing with a significant amount of debt and a reduction of income, bankruptcy can be very appealing. After all, it wipes the slate clean, giving you a fresh start. With consumer credit card debt on the rise, many believe that bankruptcy is the only viable solution. It’s not. In fact, debt settlement could be a viable solution. So you may be wondering why a debt settlement program is the better alternative
benefiting from debt settlement assistance

It’s Never Too Late to Get Out of Debt

Feb 12
We at Effective Legal Debt Solutions love it when we’re able to help clients get out of debt and secure a better financial future. We often get asked what debt settlement is and if it really works. What better way to explain this than to share a recent case with you that showcases what we do. Read on to see that it’s never too late to get out of debt. Faced with Medical Bills One
debt settlement for your overall well-being

The Role of Unresolved Debt on Your Health

Jan 29
Are you worried about your financial situation? You’re not alone. In fact, almost 50% of surveyed Americans say their expenses are equal to or greater than their income and it keeps them up at night, effecting their well-being. Financial stress is a serious condition affecting households nationwide,  leading to anxiety, headaches, irritability, sleep issues, lost work, isolation, and depression. It takes a toll on your mind, body, relationships and over all well-being. Studies have shown
holiday spending

Need Debt Relief After the Holidays?

Jan 08
While most Americans claim they’ll spend an average of about $750 in gifts and expenses over the winter holidays, the reality is that most of us will spend more than that. Holiday spending stretches over our prepared savings and ends up landing on our credit card bills. This spending can cause undue stress by the time bills arrive in the new year. It’s not uncommon to be stressed out about money, but that kind of