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What Can Effective Legal Debt Solutions Do For You?

We'll Negotiate Your Debt

We'll Negotiate Your Debt

Reduce your unsecured debt with a debt settlement program designed for struggling consumers like you.

We'll Help You Save Money

We'll Help You Save Money

Debt settlement is the best option for many and the best practical way to get you debt free.

We'll Get You Back on Financial Track

We'll Get You Back on Financial Track

Move towards financial freedom with a well-executed debt settlement program that works.

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Debt Troubles Got You Down?

Debit relief isn't an easy topic to deal with, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming anymore. If you have fallen on hard times, Effective Legal Debt Solutions is here to listen, educate, advocate and formulate a winning strategy so you can return to a debt-free standard of living. We'll inform you of all of your debt relief options.

We have years of proven experience negotiating debt relief for our clients. We understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned. Whether it’s the loss of a job, an unplanned medical emergency or a variety of other factors, you can find yourself dealing with a significant amount of debt and little hope of paying it off. Please know we're here to help. Together, we'll partner to get you debt free in no time.

What is Debt Settlement?

When you go through debt settlement, the creditor gets back at least some of their money and you minimize the damage to their credit score. Most commonly applied to settle credit card debt (otherwise known as unsecured debt), your debt settlement won’t result in as much damage as filing for bankruptcy.

“Take a look at our debt settlement calculator to estimate the time it may take you to pay off your debt in your current situation”


We Are Here for You Every Step of the Way

The Effective Legal Debt Solutions team is comprised of caring, seasoned professionals with years of industry knowledge coupled with personal real-life experience of dealing with debt settlement situations that many of our clients are facing today. Our main goal is to provide you with practical, professional and proven advice and deliver a variety of options that are custom tailored to fit your situation. Debt settlement and debt negotiations are our main areas of focus.

We’re Here to Help You Personally

We’re Here to Help You Personally

We love talking to our customers about becoming financially free. Call us today 833-827-3285

Understand the Process

Understand the Process

Once you understand how debt settlement can help your situation, you will see how it can be the number one choice for eliminating debt.